Crane Vessel Programs:


This Autocad/Microstation Plug-in creates 3D CAD Models and 2D drawings of vessel and crane in a certain configuration (Lift radius/ Hook elevation/Hook load & vessel Heading). The program is mainly used for installation drawings and clearance studies.


Anchoring Program:


This application creates standard anchor plans (a drawing showing anchor locations relative to vessel/platform location in a field) based on vessel type and water depth. Program contains necessary catenary calculations/midline buoys locations/ Floating lines and geographical calculations between coordinate systems. This program is used to produce drawings to ensure safe working in a field so no existing structures and pipelines are damaged during anchoring.


Project Management Program:


This Vault/AutoCAD plug-in creates edits and copies standard drawings based on company templates and borders. The program manages the flow of drawings throughout the company all managed by Microsoft SQL databases.


AutoCAD Frame Generator:


This Autocad/Microstation Plug-in creates steel section, elevation and plan drawings for most steel standards in CAD. The program creates 3D solid beams between points in CAD to create 3D models of steel structures.

The Program is used for creating 3D models of jacket, topsides and other structures.

AutoCAD Batch Plotter:


The Plug-in plots multiple drawings based on an AutoCAD block-name (border) on a specified printer (physical/digital) with the correct plot settings.

MTO Program:

This Desktop application produces standard (Bulk) Material Take Off documentation for steel Projects. The program summarizes the steel parts (pipes, plates and beams) required to build a structure using standard steel databases.


Distance Solid to Solid:


This AutoCAD plug-in calculates the shortest distance between two complex shaped solids based on its mesh. The Program is mostly used to find clearances between crane boom and structures during installation.

Deck Equipment Program:


This application creates equipment drawing blocks in AutoCAD. Relevant information regarding this equipment is stored in an SQL database to be re-used company wide. Program is used to produce uniform deck equipment drawings.

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